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Top 3 Office Cleaning Tips: Get High Cleaning Standards for Your Office

Singapore office cleaning services

Singapore office cleaning services

Top 3 Office Cleaning Tips: Get High Cleaning Standards for Your Office

Are you wondering how do you know if the cleaning requirements are met or not? Every office, without a doubt, needs a strict set of rules to maintain and upkeep their office. So, every workplace should be clean and have a professional environment. Many people believe it is the duty of janitors to keep the office clean. Well, it’s the responsibility of everyone to keep the office clean including executives, front-line workers, and managers.

In Singapore, there are no set guidelines when it comes to office cleaning. This is one of the reasons why many managers or owners don’t pay much attention to the quality standard they should expect from the cleaning contractors.

Just because your office looks clean doesn’t mean it is squeaky clean. In order to keep your office clean, you need to follow this guide. We have highlighted the best cleaning practices for you to keep your office in Singapore neat and clean.

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Best Way to Keep Your Office Clean

There are numerous reasons for keeping your office clean. Many managers keep the offices well-organized and clean to make sure it doesn’t cause any delay in the ongoing project. In addition, a clean office will also improve the productivity of the workers. A clean office will make sure your workers are healthy and safe.

So, when it comes to keeping your office clean, you need to have a balanced approach. We have mentioned the best approach that will help in keeping your office in order.


  • 1.      Using Right Tools and Following Cleaning Guidelines

Since there is no detailed guideline for offices to follow, a general cleaning procedure must be followed. There are cleaning sequences that every cleaning contractor must adhere to. In order to maintain your office clean, right techniques and equipment should be used.

We have mentioned the cleaning procedure for offices that cleaners must follow.

  • Preparation is the Key to Success

The first step is to wear protective equipment, such as covered shoes, cap, gloves, protective mask, and other things. After that cleaners must check the state of the tools you will be using. They need to make sure the tools are in usable condition.

Moreover, it is crucial to put a sign of work in progress as it will prevent accidents and keep everyone safe. If chemicals will be used, a colorfastness test should be performed to assure the chemicals are not harmful.

When starting the cleaning procedure, all the furniture must be removed from the area that will be cleaned. This is an imperative step as it will keep the furniture safe and make cleaning less challenging and less time-consuming.

  • Treating Stains and Tackling Spillages

    Next step will be getting rid of spillages. For this, they should use absorbent materials. On the other hand, for stains, only tested chemicals should b used.

  • Right Way to Vacuum

Though vacuuming is an effortless task, to make sure it is efficient, it must be done in an organized manner. To make cleaning simple, make sections when vacuuming the carpet; start from the far end to near end. Once vacuuming is completed, the furniture should be arranged properly. An important thing to keep in mind is that you have to use appropriate attachments when cleaning the carpet.

  • Emptying Dustbins

    Since there will be plenty of dustbin liners, remove the liners from every dustbin, tie them securely, and place them inside a large disposal bag.

Cleaning Surfaces

Horizontal surfaces like desks, shelves, and tables should be cleaned using cleaning products. It will be better to spray the cleaning products on a cloth rather than spraying directly on the surface.


As far as the pantry is considered, the above-mentioned steps must be followed. An imperative step is to make sure there are no leftovers. Every day, the floor must be swept and mopped thoroughly.

Finishing the Cleaning Task

Before packing up the things, it is advised to ensure the cleaning tasks are performed as per standards. The disposal bags must be taken to the collection points. After that, the equipment and tools must be returned, and hands must be washed properly.


2.      Clearly Explaining the Scope of Work

When it comes to Singapore office cleaning, you need to provide as much information as you can. Without complete information, the cleaning service will not be able to come up with a precise plan for cleaning or dedicate required manpower for it. The aspects you need to focus on include:

  • Area that needs to be cleaned- make a list of the area that requires cleaning, make sure it includes information regarding the floor plan and floor surfaces. Additionally, a number of inspection units should be mentioned along with the total number of fixtures.
  • Allocated time- mention the cleaning hours allocated for cleaning service.
  • Provide a schedule of work- suggest a schedule of work. In this, you can inform the service cleaner about the frequency of the cleaning and type of cleaning required.
  • Inform the cleaners if other services are required.
  • Get all the faults fixed as quickly as you can.
  • Have a deployment plan in case of a pandemic outbreak.

3.      Inspecting the Quality of Cleaning Service

Quality is an important aspect that you should not ignore. The quality of service provided by cleaners is related directly to their performance as it will help in determining whether or not the cleaners met the standards.
Day&Night Services has strict policies to ensure that we abide by guidelines set by the National Environment Agency of Singapore.

Have an inspection list that should include units that must be cleaned. You should rate the cleanliness of every item. Keep an eye on the response time of the ad-hoc requests.
Contact us to today to find out how we can help bring your office cleaning to the next level.


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