Singapore Office cleaning services and how it adds to staff morale | Day&Night Services
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Singapore Office cleaning services and how it adds to staff morale

Singapore office cleaning services

Singapore office cleaning services

Singapore Office cleaning services and how it adds to staff morale

Regardless of how frequently you tell your workers not to enter into the workplace when they are sick, germs and bacteria will still make their way into the work environment. And those bacteria from conditions like the common cold, gastro intestinal infections and the flu can easily cause havoc on your work productivity and staff morale. This is where Singapore Office Cleaning Services come in.

How office cleaning can boost work productivity and staff morale in the office environment

Close proximity of workers in the office making use of shared facilities can increase the multiplication of germs throughout the office and common work space.

Investing in routine commercial cleaning services can help to make a great impact on the overall health of your employees, and it may also impact their morale by offering a quality workplace and minimizing conflict.

  • Improved Employee Work productivity

Your workers will be happier when the work environment is healthy, clean, and free of accumulated dust particles and dirt. The atmosphere smells nice, and is much healthier to breathe. While various businesses recognize the importance of ongoing employees training and understand that a healthy organization culture is essential, very little consideration may be given to the most essential factor in work productivity – healthy, clean environment.

  • Lesser Sick Days – Decreased Spread of Disease

Most firms struggle when flu is spread from staff to staff. With most of your highly valued team absent from the office, production slows down. If an illness is impacting on your sales, performance, or other area, eliminating the spread of disease is necessary. Even when workers are asked to stay at home whenever they are ill, many forget this request, and afterward move through the place of work spreading the virus by getting in touch with various surfaces, which are also contacted by other employees, and so it goes. A profound, professional cleaning ıs definitely an important factor in protecting your workforce from germs, keeping it healthier and can eliminate the spread of the flu.

  • A More reliable, Healthier Work place

Employee’s health has become a major issue of concern, more so nowadays than ever before. Many business owners are interested with more environmentally friendly operations. A professional industrial cleaning service should make use of safer, “environmentally friendly” products so that toxins do not remain in the environment and the air is not stuffed with perfumed cleaning products that could trigger a reaction in various persons. If you want to offer a healthy and balanced environment for your workers, a neat, fresh surrounding matters.

  • Professional Working Environment

Compare two concepts: Walking into an organization that has stained rugs, dusty tables, and trash stocked full with crumpled piece of paper and cartons, or walking into an organization that looks spotless, scents fresh, and is certainly clean. The impression you process to clients is an important element in the success of the organization’s operation. A poor appearance creates the impression that the business performs substandard work. A smart, tidy, hygienic appearance, with atmosphere that smells fresh and nice produces a fine impact on clients, customers, and guests to your organization – and greater confidence in the organization goods or products and services.

  • A Great Staff Morale Booster

Your workers respond to a tidier environment, and staff morale is enhanced. They come to feel that the services you are involved in are very important, and would tend to dress up in a more acceptable manner in a tidy work environment. Obviously any business that is kept clean is going to experience a boost in staff morale, and happier employees attracts more patronage and they will do their work with even more pride in the clean office accomplishment of the organization.

Professional Singapore Office Cleaning Services  | Cost Effective and Reliable

If you are looking forward towards achieving a better work productivity in your Singapore office, your work space must be clean and in good condition. That’s the reason we are here. We offer you exceptional office cleaning services in and around all of Singapore. It doesn’t matter if it’s a factory, hotel, warehouse, shopping mall, educational facility or health centre, we provide services that are assured to satisfy and make an impression.

Furthermore, we also offer onetime or routine cleaning solutions. Work such as rugs shampooing, marble polishing, floor cleaning, furniture cleaning, air purification and glass cleaning just need to be done over a partially frequent basis and our regular service option is ideal for individuals who need help with these more technical tasks.

Get Your Office or Home Looking Spotlessly Clean In Singapore

Every working day, we recognize that different establishments have different conditions and exceptional needs therefore we customize our cleaning services to the requirements of every property and business.

Our Cleaning Services Guarantee a Clean and Healthy Environment

We are the best office cleaning service in Singapore. We offer our commercial clients both personalized and general programs, including reception spaces, washrooms, kitchen areas, and air vents of production facilities in both small and large industries. We’ll work together with you to make a routine that best fits the needs of your business place or home, giving special focus to high-traffic or trouble spots and ensuring the most convenient and stress-free operation of the plant practicable.

We offer professional and quality services by strengthening “GERMS-FREE ENVIRONMENT’ with combined initiatives to resolve your challenge. Our staffs are properly trained and effective in carrying out any office cleaning assignment in Singapore.


Why Choose Us?

Making a great impression is all about keeping a clean work environment, establishing an endearing environment for visitors and clients, and keeping a productive setting for your workforce.


  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Creativity
  • Dependability
  • High quality
  • Great level of work productivity
  • Team work

We really care about the premise that we work in. The way in which your space is presented speaks volume, and the responsibilities for this will generally begin and end with us, Day&Night Services Private Limited.

Most importantly, we want to assist you to maximise your time, thereby enabling you to concentrate on what you do best.

Advantages of our industrial and Singapore office cleaning solutions

Clients always patronize us mainly because of our impressive reputation, and dependable work ethic. If you’re on the fence considering using the services of a cleaning service in Singapore, I highly recommend you consider the following details about Day&Night Services Private Limited:

  • We provide a professional yet very friendly approach
  • We have high benchmarks and a great attention to detail
  • We understand the responsibilities we have for the task we do
  • Our team comprises of skilled and professional employees
  • We are trusted exclusively by a large number of businesses and homes, with recommendations available.
  • We are knowledgeable, with nearly all our employees having been around for several years.
  • We are experienced and equipped; we are aware of what cleaning solutions should be applied per situation, and the hazards they can cause if not applied properly.
  • Our cleaning process is backed by practical professionals who uphold the best quality assurance principles.
  • We are indisputable, the most comprehensive cleaning company in the Singapore market


Office Cleaning Services Rates Singapore

Our objective is to support our corporate and business clients while they concentrate on their main businesses. We recognize that your office is definitely the heart of your organization and a clean office will help in promoting a good impression on your potential clients.

Staff Productivity

An unhealthy work place causes employees to be sick, minimizing their work enthusiasm and motivation. Our industrial cleaning services company aspires to boost up staff efficiency & health.

Service Quality

Our experts, using their remarkable services will ensure that we know very well what you will need and improve the reputability of your organization in Singapore.


Singapore Professional Cleaning Services

Since inception, Day&Night Services Private Limited has been providing high quality cleaning services to businesses ranging from all sizes in Singapore. In addition to a large number of satisfied clients, we’ve achieved the trouble-proof and organized cooperation with trustworthy suppliers all these years.

Whether it is a small business within a small office space or large international organization which occupies an entire office building, we will be able to clean every spot out there. You can expect personalized commercial cleaning to meet different requirements.

Special Services

If there is an express problem to handle, we can go for:

  • Utilizing scrubbing up and applying wax on to make flooring finishing shine;
  • Reaching quiet or concealed sites in which the dust build-up is;
  • Cautious shampooing a carpeted floor to get rid of stains.


Singapore Office Cleaning and Sanitizing

No matter what your small business, organization or work place, we’ll fine-tune our cleaning services to fit your needs. We will examine the needs you have, design the ideal office cleaning standards and deliver the most effective service in tune with best corporate hygiene practices.

A clean and hygienic office is an even more productive place for your personnel to work and a far more pleasurable place for your customers to go to. We offer superior quality, cost-effective office cleaning solutions, and presently work together with numerous companies across Singapore.

Day&Night Services’s Janitorial Cleaning Plan

We will draft a strategy to appeal to your unique requirements all of which will work at the perfect time that is very convenient for you as well as your office employees. Your Account Manager will take personal responsibilities to assign cleaning tasks at your establishment, and often will make regular site appointments to audit the task of our janitors. Your Manager should also be contactable by you at any moment, and should be willing to talk with you on a frequent basis to access our work.

Our janitorial service includes:

  • Uniformed and experienced cleaning team members/ uniformed, trained and vetted (well kitted) janitors
  • Back-up janitors constantly on standby
  • Our Personal Administrative System
  • Supply of all hardware or equipment/consumables contained in the price
  • A responsible strategy to Health & Safety
  • Eco-friendly working practices


Other Services

No matter what your cleaning requirements are, we will modify our cleaning services to fit your needs. We will discuss your preferences, pattern the appropriate cleaning specification and render the most effective service in track with best health practices.

Post Construction/Renovation Cleaning

We are undeniable the most detailed post building cleaning company in Singapore, we possess all of the required workforce and materials resources to provide efficient cleaning services to meet up your needs.

Our post-construction cleaning services comprise of (however, not limited by):

  • Cleaning all surfaces
  • High dirt removal from roof pipes, duct work, vents, light fittings, etc.
  • Spot removal, scrubbing, dusting and vacuum-cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Complete scrubbing and sanitizing of kitchen areas and bathrooms to get them all set for your use.
  • Scrub flooring and tiles, polish stainless, wipe wall space and more.
  • Floor cleaning, waxing and buffing
  • cleaning windows sills and windowpane frames
  • Home window and cup cleaning including scraping and etching removal

Singapore Floor Treatment and Maintenance

Hard surface floors – such as for example tile, vinyl fabric, terrazzo, granite and marble – requires complex knowledge to effectively tidy and maintain. As a cleaning services company, we constantly teach our technicians on new and effective styles in floor maintenance. Keep the wood and tile floors clean and looking great with these professional services:

  • Remove, Seal and Polish Flooring (Marble, Terrazzo, Ceramic)
  • Polish and Re coat Tile Flooring
  • Scrub and Buff Tile Floor surfaces
  • High Performance Floor Burnishing
  • Scrub Cement, Ceramic and Quarry Tile Flooring surfaces
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