How does Singapore Commercial Cleaning Services boost a company’s value? |
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How does Singapore Commercial Cleaning Services boost a company’s value?

Singapore Commercial Cleaning Services
How does Singapore Commercial Cleaning Services boost a company’s value?

Can you name five hangouts you would like to revisit?
Well, as you start naming these five hangouts, something is sure to be a common denominator among them.
All five hangouts are likely to be five venues that have engaged Singapore Commercial Cleaning Services.


Commercial Cleaning Services aims to impact people in a meaningful way. Inspiring feelings such as hygiene and cleanliness, it has the power to take away the burden of staff cleaning the work environment, while also cultivating company loyalty.

As a worker in a Singapore office environment, I could not help but relate this concept to a company’s value. Here are a few key factors that I consider to be crucial in building a company’s value.


1. Singapore Commercial Cleaning Services Builds a positive work environment

Cleanliness is one of the necessities for good health. The same applies to spaces, buildings, offices and work environments. Appearance and cleanliness of the work space can impact people either positively or negatively, not only on the mental aspect but on the physical well-being also.

Improves work productivity...

2. Singapore Commercial Cleaning Improves work productivity

Research has shown that clutter actually reduces one’s ability to function. The international journal of neuroscience reports that when there are lots of un-tidy things around your office, it overloads you visual cortex and makes it more difficult for your brain to process information or focus on the task in hand. Hence, de-cluttering your work desk and having less things to look at will considerably improve your ability to focus.

Greater productivity at work means getting more things done which in turn means more down-time! Finishing all the tasks at hand means you can leave work on time and go home to relax. More time for yourself will mean more time to exercise, cook healthy meals and get more sleep – all of which will have incremental, positive effects on our well being.

Day&Night Commercial Cleaning Services offer holistic solutions to maintain cleanliness of a work place. We offer various services in order to keep the work area clean and looking as good as new. This covers building area, washrooms, parking lots as well as terraces.


3. Professional Cleaning Company Singapore Improves Staff Morale and People Retention

Positive staff morale and people retention is the key to any successful business. Believe it or not, a messy and dirty working environment affects this adversely. Here are just a few ideas to explain the relationship of cleanliness and how it directly impacts a positive work environment:


• A clean and hygienic environment leads to a positive morale impact on staff. A healthier and happy life inspires staff to work harder, reduce sick days, and motivates them to do their job in best possible way and helps to achieve company objectives more effectively.

• Scattered assets and dirtiness are a way to encourage accidents. Day&Night’s Commercial Cleaning Services will help to protect people from unnecessary mishaps.

• An unhygienic and messy commercial area can be disheartening to people who visit the shopping complex to spend a quality day. Entering a dirty and unsystematic commercial area displeases the people, and induces a negative impression that demotivates the people for shopping or any other work. A clean environment makes people feel happier and relaxed.

• Clean places or buildings also act as an excellent place for businesses or people to get together, networking, product launches or other sales & marketing events. Appearance is a key aspect that separates one place from another professionally.


Companies that use Singapore Commercial Cleaning Services will always be perceived as one that values customer experience and staff morale. Done professionally, companies will ask themselves: “How did I ever survive without them?”
Contact Day&Night Services today to find out more.

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