At Day&Night Services, we provide landscaping services throughout Singapore. From weeds to keeping your lawn and gardens neat, no job is too large or too small for us to handle with the guidance of our very own ISA Certified Arborist, Mr. Andrew Nah. Do is get in touch with us today for your landscaping needs!

Get The Proffssional Office Cleaning Team In Your Corner


Day&Night Services provides a service that’s compatible with the unique requirements of your space and your budget. Whatever your circumstances, we’re able to offer you a package that suits your needs.

Our staff take the utmost care with each and every space, treating it as if it were their own. Our company uses environmentally-friendly chemicals and processes, ensuring a guilt free clean each and every time.

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We would like to compliment M/s Day & Night Services Pte Ltd for their outstanding work to upkeep the cleanliness and hygiene for Tasty Plaza Building. Day & Night Services has provided us with experienced and well skilled team to execute the usual routine works and has also provided us expertise services to deal with unusual situations especially during this pandemic period. The team has always going the extra miles to ensure quality works. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism always and we would recommend your services to the industries.

- Nazaruddin, Lirea Properties


We would like to express our appreciation to Day & Night Services Pte Ltd for their excellent work at Clifford Center especially during the difficult period of Covid-19. The site team is well dressed, pay attention to details and flexible with regards to team deployment. We would high recommend their services as they has provided us with excellent cleaning services with good quality works.

- Alfonso, Clifford Centre


Day&Night Services provided quality commercial cleaning services and were patient and accommodating with our needs. They also provided suggestions for stubborn stains and were very efficient. I would highly recommend them!

- Rachel, AsianFilmArchive


Day&Night Services has been a great help especially with arranging last minute deep cleaning service requests. Lately there was this small built Indian supervisor who is very thorough and responsible. The part-time cleaning auntie whom Day&Night Services assigned to us has been a great help too. She is very thorough and experienced and goes about cleaning and maintaining the office without supervision or being told what to do. We leave it to her to manage the cleanliness of the office. Many thanks to Day&Night Services for their commercial cleaning services rendered!

- Florence, Kraftheinz


Day&Night Services is the one-stop service provider that our company requires. They have helped us by cleaning our office daily and providing a clean and comfortable environment for all our employees to work in. I will definitely recommend Day&Night Services to all the companies that require cleaning services.

- Hui Xian


Our company has been invaded by insects and bugs recently. After we approach Day&Night Services, they were able to provide us a solution that not only kills off all the bugs in our office. They also help us to mitigate the risk of us being invaded by any more bugs making our office space a bug free environment. Thanks Day&Night Services!!

- Elton Si Jun Xian

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