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Industrial Cleaning That Has Your Singapore Factory Looking Spotless

At Day&Night Services, we understand that different industries have different circumstances and unique demands hence we tailor our cleaning services to the needs of each building and business.

Cleaning routines for factories and manufacturing facilities are different from offices. These typically have stringent requirements that require more frequent action, sometimes 2 to 3 times a week using chemicals, acids, etc in order to ensure proper maintenance.

Ensuring Safety In Your Factory With The Help Of Professional Cleaning Company

For factories, they don’t only house machineries and products. Workers are also present here. If your product requires the use of chemicals, you should make sure that waste products are managed properly. To ensure the safety of your factory especially the workers, these chemical wastes should be handled by a professional cleaning company specializing in industrial cleaning.

The professional cleaning company is not only staffed by cleaners trained to handle chemical wastes properly, it is also equipped with the necessary tools needed in cleaning and moving machineries.

Keeping Your Storage Area Clean With Industrial Cleaning Services

Like factories, warehouses are industrial buildings as well. They’re used for storage of different products depending on the nature of the business. These storage areas should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that whatever is stored in them will not go to waste.

If you’re storing dry metal goods, keeping the area free from any moisture to prevent corrosion is of utmost importance. More importantly, if you’re storing food products, keeping the area clean is imperative to prevent any insects or pests from contaminating these food products.


We can offer our Singapore industrial customers both tailored and general programs, including reception areas, washrooms, kitchens, and air vents of factories in both light and heavy industries. We’ll work with you to create a regimen that meets the needs of your property, paying special attention to high-traffic or problem areas and ensuring the easiest, most stress-free operation of the plant possible.


Check out our happy customers who trust and use our services on a daily basis.

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