How Much Does It Cost To Hire Professional Office Cleaners in Singapore? | Find out more!
Singapore commercial cleaning services can significantly improve aspects of your business operations. Will you make or break your first impression?
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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Professional Office Cleaners in Singapore?

Singapore Office Cleaning Services

Singapore Office Cleaning Services | Day&Night Services

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Professional Office Cleaners in Singapore?

Most people of Singapore spend over 9 hours in the office every day. They expect their office to be hygienic and clean, but they have little time to participate in activities that are not part of their professional prescription. Business owners and office managers should understand that it is their duty to keep the office environment clean, safe and free of germs. If employees cannot contribute, they must hire a specialist to keep the office clean.

A hygienic and safe work environment is essential to improve the efficiency and productivity of the workforce. Keeping the office clean also makes it appear that things are going on well. Hiring a professional cleaning company is a small addition to your monthly expenses, but in the end it’s worth the money.

Reasons to consider regular weekly office cleaning

Cleaning on a weekly basis

If you opt for a regular weekly cleaning, cleaning will be done every week in your office by the cleaner. The duration of the cleaning session varies according to the amount of work and the area that needs cleaning. The cost of regular cleaning of the office is around $ 350 to $ 450 for 4 weeks. The cleaner makes sure the office is clean before leaving the office, even if the number of hours of operation is exceeded. Some companies are refraining from recruiting office cleaning companies because they think they are too expensive. If you hire an independent professional, you will be charged approximately $ 90 for each session. This means that you must spend at least $360 per month to keep the office tidy.

Cleaning multiple times a week

Some companies prefer to clean the office two or three times a week. To meet this need, professional cleaners offer to clean the office more than once a week. The cleaners can clean the office 2 or 3 times a week for an additional fee.

What about an Office Assistant?

If you do not intend to use the weekly cleaning service provided by a cleaning company, you can hire an office assistant to clean your office daily or weekly. The hiring of an office cleaner has the advantage of being able to easily establish the cleaning program. The office worker follows the schedule and cleans the office weekly in addition to normal cleaning. In this way, in addition to regular cleaning, you can have your office cleaned thoroughly every week by renting an office assistant. The salary of the office user depends on the amount of work and the frequency of visits.

Types of cleaning services

There are various types of services offered by office cleaning firms in Singapore. These services include one-time spring cleaning and weekly cleaning on a regular basis. They also help you rent office workers. An office cleaning charges every hour, day, week or month, depending on the extent of the work. If you hire a cleaning company for weekly cleaning, your office will be cleaned every week for a set number of hours.

Aspects of cleaning work

Weekly cleaning service usually includes vacuuming, dusting and moping. Some of the elements that will be part of their work scope include:
i) Clean all tables, chairs, windows, cabinets and office telephones
ii) Empty the entire wastebasket.
iii) Vacuuming the office carpet.
iv) Cleaning and clearing of the storage area.
v) Cleaning of the bars, curtains, windows and shutters.
vi) Cleaning the toilet and the floor.
vii) General cleaning of all rooms.
viii) Cleaning the glass panels and the door

Considerations when hiring professional office workers in Singapore

If you need to choose between a cleaning service provider and an independent professional, you should choose a professional Singapore cleaning service provider, as it offers more value for your money. They offer several advantages to independent professionals when they charge the same fee for their services. The greatest advantage of hiring a cleaning service provider is that there is a team of trained professionals and cleaners. Because these cleaners are professionally trained, they know how to maintain expensive furniture and office equipment.

Yet another advantage that cleaning service providers have over the self-employed is that they offer customized office cleaning solutions. They can work with your busy schedule and offer your services at will. These companies also perform a background check of employees before being hired. If you hire Freelancers, it can be difficult to verify their background. If you hire an independent professional who is untrained, there is a risk that the property will be damaged. With a professional cleaning company you will always have the certainty that the cleaning staff is trained. Handle equipment and office furniture with care and do not damage your property.

Advantages of hiring professional cleaners

If you have the option to choose between in house cleaning and commercial cleaning, you must choose an option with the maximum benefit. Below are some benefits when hiring Singapore office cleaning professionals:

a) In house cleaning is more expensive compared to commercial cleaning services. One study found that in house cleaning was almost 25% more expensive than hiring a professional cleaning company.

b) Many cleaning service providers offer customized solutions for your needs. This includes working with your limited budget and providing attractive cleaning options.

c) Keeping your highly paid staff out of the duty to clean up improves productivity by reducing distractions. It also reduces stress and the rate of employee wear.

d) Most internal employees are not professionally trained to disinfect all areas of the office, such as lavatories and restrooms. Since the trained cleaning staff is professionally trained, they offer guaranteed cleanliness and hygiene.

e) The risk of accidents or injury in the Singapore workplace increases when employees handle dangerous chemicals. Lifting heavy objects or climbing a ladder to reach a height can also increase the risk of injury. These risks can be reduced by hiring a professional cleaning firm.

f) Because professional cleaners bring their own fluids and equipment, there is no need for you to have them in your office. This reduces the storage risk of these items.

g) Professional cleaning service providers have access to the latest biodegradable technology and friendly to the environment. You also have access to the expensive supplies and tools needed to clean your office.

Day&Night Services Private Limited offers professional Singapore office cleaning services. We are recognized by industry experts and accreditation authorities worldwide and among the few cleaning companies in Singapore to be certified and accredited by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

There you have it! Hiring professional Office Cleaners in Singapore should not be so difficult after all.

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