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We are Singapore Commercial Cleaning Professionals
Singapore Commercial Cleaning Professionals
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Singapore commercial cleaning services

Looking for affordable Singapore commercial cleaning services? Know more about who we are and what we believe in! Our cleaning services are friendly to all kinds of budgets.


Why Day&Night Services

We are seasoned cleaning professionals with decades of experience in this industry.
Clients who entrust their brand to us, include: Popular Bookstore, Charles & Keith, Melben Signature Seafood, Coastes Singapre, Dnata, Ice-Cold Beer Singapore, Unicurd, Que Pasa and many others.


A bit about us

We believe in saving the environment which is why we only use green chemicals which pose no harm to the surroundings. Experience our holistic cleaning services that is specially designed to provide your establishment/premises with the safest and most hygienic care that it deserves.


What can we offer you?

In order for a business to stand out, it needs to have a clean environment as well as high-quality products and services.

Here are some of our most popular services:


Commercial Cleaning

This includes offices, restrooms, common areas. Day&Night Services provides you a custom cleaning solution suited for your need. Find out more about our professional commercial cleaning services here.


Industrial Cleaning

If you manage a plant, factory or production environment, we can help you to maintain it so that it meets and exceeds workplace, safety and health requirements. Ready to get your Singapore factory looking clean and fresh? Go to our industrial cleaning page to find out more.


Office Cleaning

If you have an office, you know it needs cleaning. Day&Night Services provides vacuuming of floors, dusting, mopping, surface area cleaning, marble floor polishing, carpet cleaning and window cleaning . Find out more about our professional office cleaning services here.


Restaurant Cleaning

Food & Beverage cleaning of kitchen and restaurant requires specialized knowledge and skill sets. Leverage on the experience of the Day&Night Services team to handle this for you.


Floor Cleaning and Polishing

A clean floor leaves a good impression on both the staff and customers. You can achieve safety and professionalism by having a great looking floor!


Landscaping Services

At Day&Night Services, we provide landscaping services throughout Singapore. From weeding, forking, pruning and fertilizing, no job is too large or too small for us to handle with pride. Find out more here.


Pest Control Services

Pest Control for businesses and homes is what Day&Night Services does on a daily basis. This includes taking care of beg bugs, termites, ants, cockroaches and rats at your premises. Go to our Pest Control Page to get more information about this. Day&Night Services is also a Government/National Environmental Agency certified Pest Control Operator.


Commercial Establishments that we serve

  • Offices, retail shops

    General cleaning packages, floor cleaning as well as well as specialised services such as Upholstery Cleaning and Deep Cleaning with disinfectants.

  • Restaurants

    From dishwashing to Kitchen deep cleaning. We provide regular part-time as well as ad hoc staffing.

  • Schools

    Music & Dance Schools, Yoga Studios, Kindergartens and so on often need to have a higher standard of cleanliness. Cleaning services includes mopping of hard flooring, spot cleaning on glass and mirrors, etc

  • Hotels

    Hotel Housekeeping includes a variety of tasks ranging from floor polishing, carpet cleaning, making beds to stain removal.

  • Factories

    Cleaning routines for factories and manufacturing facilities are different from offices. These typically have stringent requirements that require more frequent action, sometimes 2 to 3 times a week using chemicals, acids, etc in order to ensure proper maintenance.

  • Clinics

    This includes skincare/beauty salons, dentists & GP clinics, specialist clinics, etc that require higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Places of Worship

    Churches, temples, mosques and synagogues are places where large numbers of people gather and congregate. Cleaning of external areas, as well as places where people sit or touch like railing, pews, handles, doors, seats, etc.