Commercial & Office Cleaning, Singapore

Make a lasting first impression by keeping your commercial and office buildings sparkling clean. Your establishment plays a crucial role in helping you build and maintain a professional image. Regular cleaning of the vicinity should be conducted, more so in places of high traffic and common areas that are most visible. At Day and Night Services, we specialize in high standards of commercial and office building cleaning services to ensure top-notch cleanliness in your building and office throughout the day.

Commercial and office cleaning includes general cleaning of common and public areas, lifts, corridors, washrooms for shopping centres, food courts, hospitals and offices.

Office carpets and upholstery maintenance is vital to the image of the office. Indoor allergens trapped within the carpets could also be harmful to staff. We provide the best solution as we sanitise the entire office to make it a hygiene and safe place for all. For more information on commercial cleaning, contact us now!

Industrial Cleaning Services

There is a risk of running a potential hazard when an industrial building is not cleaned. This could further lead to financial losses. Day and Night Services is aware of the different cleaning requirements needed by different industries. To suit this, we are flexible with our cleaning services and tailor them to each building’s needs.

Industrial cleaning includes general and tailored cleaning for kitchens, reception areas, washrooms, air vents of light to heavy factories.

Do not neglect your industrial cleaning needs. A safe environment is a prerequisite for success. Keep your premises clean with our services. We take your safety and cleanliness very seriously, so should you. Our solutions will guarantee a well taken care utility. Drop us a call/email to find out more.

Residential Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning for condominiums and apartments. A different set of service standards are required by residential cleaning due to the daily usage by the residents. Rest assured as we bring you consistent cleanliness in all common areas. Residents are able to enjoy clean and fresh surroundings all day.

Residential cleaning includes cleaning and maintenance of common areas such as carparks, walkways, playgrounds and club houses of condominiums, apartments and housing estates.

Our know how in the care and maintenance division allows us to adopt the best practices when it comes to residential cleaning. We make your residential premises our priority and treat them like our own. Engage us now to enjoy a clean and sparkling residential area.

Landscaping Services

The garden is an ideal getaway to relax. This could either be an extensive landed property space or a more modest courtyard. A garden provides endless possibilities, from spending quality time with friends or enjoying some time alone.

We work closely with our clients to create a landscape that you can marvel at both at a commercial or residential setting. Turn your garden into a centerpiece and direct the attention to where it belongs. A good landscape service will look good throughout the year with little maintenance.

Entrust the beauty of your garden to us and you can simply sit back and enjoy its beauty. Our focus on customer service ensures that our trained and highly skilled team are able to meet your needs with their versatile and high quality solutions. As a landscape contractor, we have provided high-end design and maintenance services to our clients.

Pest Control Services

We double up as a pest management specialist taking care of all your commercial, industrial and residential pest control needs. We have zero tolerance for pest infestations in any establishment. We take pride in our environment-friendly and effective pest control capabilities. You can count on us for any trouble encountered by flying or stinging pests.


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