Industrial Cleaning


Industrial Cleaning That Has Your Singapore Factory Looking Spotless

Unsanitary industrial buildings pose a danger to visitors and employees, potentially leading to harm or serious financial loss. The best remedy is regular, thorough cleaning to keep more serious problems from developing. Often the most dangerous situations arise from repeated negligence of maintenance duties. Ensure your workers are safe and productive and they’re working in a sanitary environment with the help of a skilled team.

At Day and Night Services our staff understand that different industries will have different circumstances and unique demands, meaning we tailor our cleaning services to the needs of each building and business.

Our cleaning services ensure a safe, hygienic environment anywhere

Our company can offer our industrial customers both tailored and general programs, including reception areas, washrooms, kitchens, and air vents of factories in both light and heavy industries. We’ll work with you to create a regimen that meets the needs of your property, paying special attention to high-traffic or problem areas and ensuring the easiest, most stress-free operation of the plant possible.

Improve employee morale and your productivity while preventing expensive breakdowns or accidents with our help. A clean factory is a properly-running factory, so make sure yours is up to the tasks of the day with Day and Night Services.

Residential, commercial and industrial cleaning services

Looking to have a sparkling home or office to match your business? Our team are experienced and skilled in cleaning all manner of properties from private houses to condominiums to shops to modern offices. Whatever the job and no matter the size, we’re able to help. Need a carpet shampooed or a room sanitised? Get in touch today.

Speak to the sanitation experts and find out what living a cleaner life can be like

Day and Night Services are available across Singapore for jobs of all description. Get a quote today through our contact form, or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our office can also be reached on +65 6834 4468 if you’d like to speak to our team.


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