Fabric cleaning

Get Spotless Furniture in Singapore with Our Fabric Cleaning Services

Having a pristine property doesn’t just mean flat surfaces, washrooms and kitchen. To really impress, you need to get ingrained dirt out of every piece of furniture. That’s where Day and Night Services comes in. Our crack team of professionals can restore any sofa, seat, rug, dining chair, et cetera to its original beauty.

Just like our carpet cleaning, we aim to restore the fabric to its original brightness and vibrancy, removing potentially years of grime and dirt to make the piece as colourful and pleasing as it was when you bought it.

High-quality, thorough fabric cleaning that won’t break the bank

The best part about working with our team is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Our services are priced competitively without compromising on quality of materials and equipment or the thoroughness of the job. We believe everyone from the smallest business owner to the largest corporation should have access to high-quality cleaning services, so we work to create a programme that meets your requirements and the needs of your budget.

Affordable, professional cleaning services from a respected name in the business

Our expert team knows exactly how to take care of dirt, grime or mess in or around the home, office or factory. Whether you’re running a cutting edge company from a 12th-floor office or are simply wanting to spruce your home up before guests arrive, we can help.

We offer a range of options for our clients from careful, expert landscaping to regular industrial cleaning to ensure that everyone regardless of the nature of their property can have it looking the very best.

Speak the experts today and see how different your home or office could look

If you’ve made the decision to make your space as beautiful as it can be, get in touch with Day and Night Services. Call our Singapore office directly on +65 6834 4468, or send a message via our contact form or through email to sales@dayandnightservices.com.sg. Get a quote today and discover how little it will cost to transform your space into something stunning.