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Office Building & Commercial Cleaning Services in Singapore

First impression counts, so ensure your business is always looking its best. Commercial and office buildings should be kept as clean as possible so as to maintain a professional image. Business require constant cleaning, especially in highly visible common areas with high traffic. Day and Night Services specialize in providing top quality commercial cleaning services at cheap rates, so that your team can come into a clean, welcoming environment every day. cleanliness in your building and office, all day.

Our cleaning services include general cleaning for common and public areas, lifts, corridors and washrooms for food courts, shopping centres, hospitals and other businesses.

Cheap office cleaning keeps your business sparkling for less

Maintaining a professional office doesn’t have to cost you a lot. Unlike other companies who promise a lot, charge as much and deliver very little, Day and Night Services knows your time and your money is precious and you can’t afford to waste either.

Our cheap office building cleaning provides a service that’s compatible with the unique requirements of your space and your budget. Whatever your circumstances, we’re able to offer you a package that suits your needs.

Get the professional office cleaning team in your corner

Whether it’s sanitising an industrial site or a carpet shampooing, our staff take the utmost care with each and every space, treating it as if it were their own. Our company uses only environmentally-friendly chemicals and processes, ensuring a guilt free clean each and every time.

We only hire staff with an eye for detail and the dedication to get a space spotless. Our employees are regularly trained to ensure compliance with all occupational health and safety regulations and to make sure they’re using the latest technology and techniques.

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Get in touch through our enquiry form to get a quote or to make an appointment. You can also email our office on If you’d prefer to speak directly to our skilled staff, you can also call our office on +65 6834 4468.


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